The Spark co-founded by Maalot- Tarshiha municipality (located at the heart of the Western Galil) as a non-profit accelerator who aims to Spark the development of business ventures in the north of Israel. The Spark program will start its activity on April 2016 at a designed shared space in the center of Maalot. The Spark accelerator will provide a platform for the development of a business venture from concept to launch in the High Tech arena. The program will place entrepreneurs and companies that were selected into a community of creativity, productivity and innovation, providing them with the opportunity to receive professional.

Accelerating ideas of entrepreneurs residing in the western Galil into grown products or technologies ready for investment /market. Our vision is creating an eco-system of innovation, entrepreneurship and funds in the western Galil to accelerate the creation of local industry in the area Today, entrepreneurs originating from the Western Galil are searching for programs and means to assist them in their early stage ventures and to overcome the geographical obstacle must relocate their activities to the center of Israel.

The Spark accelerator will focus on speeding up between 8-10 ventures every 6 months during which the ventures will become part of a new ecosystem which includes the industry located at the Galil, established mentors and investors.



  • Sharon Steinbaum
    External Relations and Resource Development
  • Avital Sincai
    Partner Skr law Founder of Spark

  • Ofer Burstein
    Ceo Koren Industrial Park
    Founder of Spark
  • Yael Ron
    Ceo at Eshkol Galil
  • Omri Rotem
    Chairman directors - Shamir Holdings
  • Amnon Sudri
    Ceo at Pascal Technologies
  • Amos Konforti
    Senior partner - SKR
  • Avi Ben Zichri
    Ceo at SNE ISRAEL
  • Bernardo Flood
    High-tech entrepreneur
  • Darren Rozowsky
    Business consultant
  • Maya Zehavi
    Business development consultant
  • Moran Bar
    Ceo at Geektime
  • Nir Ayalon
    Co-founder Loop Coworking on Argentina
  • Yoram Yahav
    CEO and Director Genral
  • David Ziv
    Ceo and entrepreneur
  • Patricia Lahy
    The hive Accelerator director
  • Lior Student
    Ceo at Make a Point
  • Moshe tsarfati
    Founder and co-owner of Krypton VC
  • Menachem Student
    Ceo - Make a Point

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